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"Growing Missouri" includes Barb's heirloom tomatoes

Truth Matters


State Rep Candidate Passionate About Our Community

     Barb is passionate about our community. As a small farmer, Barb directed a group from her church and together, they grew and donated over 2,000 pounds of fresh vegetables to the Hillsboro Food Pantry.  Because Barb is also a business owner, she was able to arrange her schedule and  volunteer at Jefferson Memorial Hospital for several years.  Barb has always given back, and now wants to serve her neighbors in a larger way.

      Barb lives on a small farm outside the city limits of DeSoto.  Her husband, Kevin Hurley, has deep ties to Washington County and grew up in Irondale. His brother, Sergeant Major Patrick Hurley, has a section of U Highway named in memoriam. Kevin spent 13 years as a Green Beret in the Special Forces.

       Barb graduated from McCluer High School in Florissant and has lived in Jefferson County for 27 years. After putting herself thru Florissant Valley for computer programming, Barb started her career  working for companies like Emerson Electric, May Company, and McDonnell Douglas.  Politics was the furthest thing from her mind, as she was raising 2 boys as a single parent. While still working as a programmer analyst, she pioneered a home-based data entry company from her basement for Ralston Purina, and turned it into a successful business that grew to employ over 100 people and lasted over 20 years. When a prior administration enacted corporate tax breaks to send work out of the country, it destroyed her industry. 

       So, Barb embarked on a second career by putting herself thru Meramec - studied Horticulture and landscape design - and started a tree nursery and landscaping company.  She also has a greenhouse and grows bedding plants and fresh vegetables for the local farmers markets.  Heirloom tomatoes are one of her favorites to grow and eat.    


       Now that she is retired, she can't sit idly by and watch our legislators gift massive tax breaks to the wealthy one percent and cut the corporate tax rates from 6% to 4.25%.           She intends to put her 30+ years of experience as a business owner and  FIGHT for hard working families - not for the greedy corporations.  She intends to make the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes and restore funding to schools and hospitals as her first priority. She will also fight to extend Hwy 21, thereby creating good paying union jobs.

       Barb comes from a long line of entrepreneurs.  Her ancestor, Reuben Branson, started a general store and post office, which we know today as Branson.  Barb's Aunt Jewel built the first bowling alley in the state of Missouri and is in the Bowling Hall of Fame.  And, her grandfather, Ray McKinnon, a union carpenter, helped build the barracks at Ft. Leonard Wood for WWII. Barb's father, Bill Branson, fought in WWII.

       Her family are hard-working, patriotic, trail blazers and Barb has followed in their footsteps. Her conservative parents taught her how to work hard and save money (as a child) and she bought her first house at age 19.

       Barb has served as a board member on the Missouri University Extension; as President of Business and Professional Women; currently on the Jefferson County Democratic Central Committee; and as Vice Chair and Treasurer of Women Dems - a group she helped to form. Barb and Kevin designed, built, and landscaped (pro bono) the stone patio at De Soto library last summer. Reading and education are worth sweating for. Stop by and read a book!

       Barb will work as hard for House District 115 as she did for herself. And she will be as responsible with taxpayer money as she has her own.


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